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Stop spending advertising dollars that are not effective in the 21st century like the yellow pages or newspaper place advertisements. Today, people are using Google, Yahoo, Bing and other online search engines to find the products and services that they want and need.

Is your company being found online when a prospect or potential new client, patient or customer searches for you?

Lets assume that run a local business, for example a dentist in Chicago. How are patients finding your services? If they already know about your practice, they are probably typing in your practice’s name into the search engine. HOWEVER, you want to get NEW patients. Patients that have not heard about you yet! What are they typing in? Probably search terms like:

  • dentist Chicago IL
  • Chicago dentist
  • Chicago dental office
  • best dentist in Chicago
  • dentist near me (on their mobile device)

If you’re not on the first page of the search results for the terms that your patients, customers or clients are using, then you are not getting the new business that you deserve! Stop the insanity and get your website listed where it counts!

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Everyone using the Internet has experienced search engine optimization by using search engines at least once, if not countless times.

On this website, you will find SEO information in some of the following categories:

When you are looking for particular information, say the best local restaurants in Pennsylvania, you simply type the query on the search box provided. After hitting “enter,” the web reveals you a list that contain the term you searched. Then, you proceed to checking out sites that appear on top. This is because you consider them most relevant to your query.

Pennsylvania SEOIf you are a website owner, it is only inevitable that you want your site rank better than your competitors. You aspire to draw as much traffic to your page. This goal is easier achieved when you understand how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works. SEO is a web marketing technique that aids locate your site and make it rank higher than its million counterparts online. Pennsylvania SEO companies can walk you through everything you need to know about SEO.

So How Do Search Engines Work?

Let us get one thing straight: search engines are not humans.

By this we mean that search results rankings are not manually done by individuals. Rankings work a lot differently than website management. Search-engines are highly dependent on texts. It might sound complicated how thousands and even millions of search results are ranked. You probably have even assumed at one point that it has something to do with the web design or perhaps the videos you have incorporated on your page.

This is not to say that web content is not crucial. However, creatures that scan through websites can only process texts in determining what a site is about.

Search engines look into websites using a software known as spiders. Sometimes, it takes one to two months for spiders to revisit your site as there are billions of other pages that are also checked. Aside from spiders crawling into websites, another process crucial to SEO is indexing. Indexed pages are classified pages compiled in a database. Through indexing, words in pages are described and assigned according to keywords. This is why you will find the query term you have typed in the search box highlighted in the list of web results.

But how do search engines calculate relevancy of sites to your query?

The algorithm used by search engines varies. Few of the basic ones are links and keyword density. Pennsylvania SEO professionals can help keep you abreast of the latest algorithms so you can update your site accordingly.

What Can SEO Companies Do For You?

You can attract visitors to your site not only by updating your page. Coordinating or partnering with other webmasters can as well help you build quality links that search engines such as Google like a lot.

Let us start with guest posting. Credibility is essential to keeping and growing readership. It takes time, passion and hard work though to making people believe that you know what you say. Doing guest posts is one good start. There are several webmasters out there looking for individuals who can write for them.

While there is no monetary exchange involved, the opportunity to be able to create links that shall drive people to your pages makes a substantial token. Most especially if the sites you are guest posting in are popular and reputable ones. You are able to communicate with loyal readers of that website (and eventually turn them as your followers, too) and build connections as well with the webmasters.

Another strategy is social bookmarking.

Social bookmarks work the same way as typical bookmarks. They help readers locate information they are looking for fast and easy. This is an alternative to searching using search engines wherein you will have to analyze search results one by one to check relevancy.

In social bookmarking sites, content or pages are grouped according to niche. Readers on the other hand are able to vote for those they find read-worthy. They also can share links to their followers. A reader looking for a particular article will not have to browse through hundreds of sites. He can instead look into most shared and recommended pages and start researching there.

Link exchanging is yet another strategy you can take advantage of.

Get in touch with other webmasters and discuss how you can work together to building your sites. This is a win-win situation for everyone concerned. Links are preserved. You are certain they will not be deleted or removed as you have the consent of the owner when posting on their site.

Understand that guest posting, social bookmarking and link exchange are only few link building strategies that SEO experts can get done for you. Some other strategies to consider having your SEO consultant implement are:

  • Press Releases
  • Video Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc)

Even when your business is located outside Pennsylvania, you can still reach out to clients from other states.

How do you spot good SEO companies?

Most likely you will find SEO firms claiming they can get your page on top of search results in no time. But as you go ahead and find out how their site is faring on search results, you see they are not even included on the first five pages. And there goes one red flag when promoting services: overpromising.

Join SEO forums so you can connect with people that are knowledgeable with SEO services. They can recommend reliable companies for you. Also, participating in online discussions can help you gauge qualities of SEO professionals. For instance, you can narrow down your options by testing the willingness of SEO companies to share their expertise for free.

Throw a question and see which firms respond even when you do not promise a business deal in return. If they are confident with the services they are offering, SEO companies shall be more than willing to answer basic queries from curious netizens. Inquire as well about other companies they worked with and the contributions they made to achieving marketing goals. Coordinate with their clients as well so you can gather firsthand feedback .

Feel free to read posts about the company and its staff. You will not want to work with rude and irresponsible people. Beware as well of the price asked of you. Paying high does not guarantee excellent services in the same vein as paying small amount does not necessarily mean wise buy. If your business falls under competitive industries such as casinos or shopping websites then maintaining your site is likely to cost you more than when you are promoting for instance a small local bakery.

Most important, good Pennsylvania SEO companies should be capable of suggesting and applying appropriate marketing strategies for your website so you can get your hard-earned money’s worth.

SEO Strategies Pay

Implementing an effective search engine optimization strategy for your website(s) can yield massive results for companies that understand the value. In fact, local businesses may find that SEO is one of the ways to survive a tough economy. Once a company experiences SEO success, they will never look back!

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