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Hire The Best SEO Agency In Schwenksville, Pennsylvania So Your Roofing Company Can Get More Contacts, Leads & Customers Online

With our online marketing systems, prospects that are searching for roofing services will find you, contact you and buy from you.

L4 Group offers a complete online marketing system that helps you drive more customers into your company’s sales funnel. We help you create a specific solution so you see a high ROI.

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Get Your Schwenksville Roofing Company Discovered On The Internet

Our proven Internet marketing and advertising systems will position your roofing website on the first page of the real Google search engine so prospects will see your business and click through to your site. We position you in the places where consumers spend their time online searching, surfing and socializing.

Everyday customers are actively spending time on the Internet. L4 Group’s Internet marketing solutions help position your company brand into the places where they will find you. Our focus is to get your business found online in the places that your customers are spending their time. We use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to get your business noticed in the search engines. We use online digital display advertising to help you build your company brand and position you for “front of mind awareness” so prospects think of your business first when they need roofing services. Additionally, our re-targeting solutions help to amplify your brand awareness.

If you are thinking about hiring an employee to handle your online marketing, consider these questions:

  • Are they truly a subject matter expert in SEO marketing for your roofing niche?
  • How much do you need to pay them in a salary, benefits, training, vacation time and all other hidden employee expenses?
  • Are you qualified to manage them?
  • Do you know how to manage their day to day activities?

These are all the concerns that ought to be going through your head prior to making this decision. Pick up the phone and talk to us to have a discussion about your online marketing . You'll be surprised to learn how much you'll save by outsourcing to the subject experts and the best part is that you will receive a better online marketing approach!

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Conversions From Prospects To Customers For Your Schwenksville, Pennsylvania Roofing Company

We work with your existing web design team or we’ll build a website for your Schwenksville company that is designed to create engagement from your prospective customers. Our websites are designed to convert your website traffic into online leads for your roofing company.

Are prospects coming to your current website and not contacting you? Do you have a strong call to action on your site? We know what works to convert prospects into customers so you can maximize your ROI. We build your site to help convert more internet traffic into actual phone calls, email leads and/or online chat conversations.

Why Hire L4 Group To Handle The Online Marketing For Your Roofing Company?

It is simple, let us focus on generating leads for your roofing company so that you can focus on running it! Unlike a lot of other SEO agencies, we do not lock you into long term contracts. Instead, we believe that our clients will naturally decide to remain clients because of the results that we produce. We put together an online marketing plan that works for today’s conditions yet has a forward looking vision so your company is positioned in the best possible manner for upcoming search engine changes.

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What Can You Expect From L4 Group?

SEO marketingIn a nutshell, you’ll get straight forward communication, transparency and answers that are easy to understand and honest. We take great pride in establishing long term client relationships because we do what it best for our clients. Bottom line, our results speak for themselves.

Successful Search Engine Optimization campaigns incorporate the elements in the list below, in addition to many additional items that we implement at L4 Group:

  • Keyword Research – Selecting the right keyword phrases is paramount in building the type of website traffic that you need for qualified leads. All of our projects start out with custom keyword research.
  • Website Structure – Your website is the foundation of your online marketing presence. We make sure that your site is properly structured so it gets found on the Internet for the keyword searches your prospects are using to find you. We also make sure that the proper conversion factors exist on the site so that your web traffic turns into business.
  • Website Inter-Linking – We place strategic links, with relevant terms, throughout your site. These are links on your website that connect one page to another and they are not your main menu navigation links. When done properly, this helps to boost your positioning within the search engine result pages.
  • Inbound Links – This is hugely important to make sure that your site ranks well in Google and other search engines. We analyze how many links are currently coming into the website and where they are coming from. Google has been making changes to their search engine algorithms where they are focused on the quality of these links and not the quantity. Great care needs to be taken with inbound links and we have the tools and expertise to boost your rankings by monitoring and working with inbound links.
  • Technical Factors – There are many technical factors such as page titles, page descriptions, speeds of the sites, semantic mark-up language, etc. These factors help search engines determine what your site is about and whether it is relevant to a specific roofing search.

Online marketing and SEO is a fusion of art and science with the main focus of placing your business website(s) on the first page of the search engines, in the number 1 organic search position. It is very important to note that Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines are frequently changing their programming to continuously enhance the outcomes that they present to individuals using their search engines. This on-going flux in the search engine algorithms is the reason why search engine optimization is a continual process that needs regular attention. What did the job 2 years ago does not work today and what is working today will more than likely not work 2 years from today.

At L4 Group, we spend a large portion of our time in research and development assessing what is is working today. We also focus strongly on what we anticipate happening in the short-term & long-term future of SEO. Because of this, we are confident that we can help get your roofing company positioned at the top of Google for customers searching in Schwenksville, PA.

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