Top Myths of Search Engine Optimization

pennsylvania seo helping businessesIs Search Engine Optimization all about producing keyword-stuffed content? Read through the rest of this article as we talk about the top SEO myths that need to be debunked, ASAP! Also, you can read more on SEO Tips and Strategies to get additional SEO ideas.

MYTH #1 – Ranking high on search engines should be your only and ultimate goal.

Ranking first in search engines used to be the number one objective of site owners and SEOs. Many believe that landing on the first page of search results is more than enough strategy to attracting target audience. While we cannot discard the fact that it can help you gain site visitors, on the other hand, we also can no longer say that it is the only factor that counts in claiming site success.

Users are also becoming more scrupulous with data that they gather. Even when your site ranks high in search engines, that is not a guarantee that readers shall stay. They are highly likely to drop by, but once they see no help from your page then they also would not think twice of moving to other pages. Even if it takes them scrolling to the next page of the Google search results.

MYTH #2 – Keyword density is crucial.

Stuffing keywords in your content even when it already sounds artificial is okay as long as you get to place them there. It is as well important to use the exact same keyword throughout. This used to be a rule of thumb. But the game has changed now. Optimization gone overboard kills content value.

Even when your post is unique and insightful, it will put off readers if keywords are obviously forced. Your keyword should still be present but it does not have to be repeated many times. Once is enough on the content body. Place one as well on the title and the content body. It should sound organic too. Quality should be ensured too. The title should be at its most compelling form, and of course, relevant to the content.

MYTH #3 – Submitting to search engines shall do the trick.

Way back, this was the case. But not anymore. Submit your site to search engines or not, web bots, spiders and crawlers shall find out about it eventually. It might take days though before they do as there are million sites out there that they analyze. But point is, there is more that you should be busy with than submitting to search engines.

MYTH #4 – Linking your site to big ones pushes your rankings up.

This SEO myth suggests that authority can be rubbed off. You create a post for instance then link to high authority sites believing it will consequently pull your ranking up. However, the algorithm does not work that way. How your site will fare with the others depends on its usefulness. And usefulness is not defined by the number of times you mentioned high authority sites on your page. It is how people respond to your page that matters.

internet search screenMeaning, your site has more chances of improving visibility if you let link building go the natural way. Let others build links for you. Let them promote your page because they appreciate the fresh, informative content you are sharing. Allow your followers spread the word about how helpful your site is.

With that being said, it is still helpful to have outbound links, when relevant.

MYTH #5 – PageRank is the only measure of site usefulness.

Before, SEO professionals were dependent on PageRank in determining how useful their site is to others. Turns out, there are more factors that influence search engine rankings. And you can never be too complacent seeing your site has high PageRank. There is no statement from Google about the specifics that influence site ranking, but it is pretty obvious that PageRank is not everything that matters.

Focus your attention instead to delivering quality content so you can attract more followers. Your site shall remain visible with several loyal readers backing you up, recommending each of your posts on their pages.

MYTH #6 – SEO can be mastered by anyone.

Self-study is sufficient so you can be your own SEO expert. There’s no problem learning the ropes by yourself but understand that SEO is never mastered in an instant. It takes years. It takes you reaching out to experts so you can exchange insights and consequently increase your knowledge. It requires broad understanding on various areas – online marketing, public relations, content writing to the technical ones such as coding.

This is the reason why there are several SEO agencies offering services to businesses or private individuals. And you should be cautious in choosing who to work with. Pick a company that can demonstrate #1 rankings AND sites that convert that traffic into business. Pennsylvania SEO has this proven track record!

MYTH #7 – Social media and SEO are not in any way related.

Social media and Search Engine Optimization may be two different titans but they, in several ways, are related to each other. If your site has several followers, chances are it is as well popular in social networking sites. People talk about it. They voluntarily share the treasure they find in your site to their followers. They recommend your site. And eventually search engines shall find out about this.

Maximize use of social media in promoting your site. It is essential that you devise a strategy. Google gives rewards to deserving sites. So work hard in giving your target audience irresistible information, that which inspires action, and loyalty to your site.

MYTH #8 – Links overpower content.

Quality over quantity. This is what you should remember when building links for your site. It doesn’t matter how many links you place on your content, or how many times you have submitted your site in search engines. Let people know that you are human. Forge connections with your target audience. Share beneficial information. Find out what makes them tick.

In the end, readers shall choose that which they find helpful and trustworthy. So build links for them, not for search engines.

Understanding how to use SEO effectively to build your business is one crucial factor when it comes to promoting and marketing your company. Take these suggestions and other SEO tips to begin or fine-tune your internet marketing game plan. Of course, you can always turn to professional SEO experts and outsource the work to them so you can focus on what you do best… your business!