Search engine optimization is what your business needs in order to not just keep up with competition, but eventually get way ahead. What you need is not just a website like all other Pennsylvania businesses have. Instead, you want to have a website that is ranking #1 for the search phrases that your potential customers are typing into the search engines. You want to showcase your products and/or services for these people. In order to accomplish this, you need to take full advantage of our SEO services to place your website on top of search engine listings.

But what kind of SEO services do you actually need for your business to quickly get the best return of investment?

In general, there are two major types or concepts of SEO that will help your business get through the rough challenge in the form of online competition. These two classifications of search engine optimization are what we refer to as ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO.

Determining the Right Kind of SEO Strategy For Your Business

google searchThe most important thing in picking the right SEO strategy is customizing it based on what your business really needs. We have analyzed and examined thousands of different business with the objective of digging into the optimization opportunities each one of them has. And yes, every single business or company comes with a distinctive set of opportunities.

Remember this though: if you stumble upon an SEO company that offers the same package of services to basically all types of businesses, then it means they’re not good. Those types of companies don’t provide a “targeted” type of Internet marketing service.  There are some businesses with websites where particular search engine optimization techniques work extremely well. But it doesn’t mean that another (different) business can also immediately assume the same methods will work for them. As a matter of fact, in some cases the same marketing techniques that worked well for one company will not work at all for another company.

At L4 Group, LLC, we spend a considerable about of time in research and development for our Pennsylvania SEO services. With the landscape changing rapidly in the online world, staying on top of SEO strategies that are working today is crucial. This applies to ON-SITE and OFF-SITE SEO techniques.  With both of these methods laid out perfectly, we are able to successfully identify all the possible opportunities which we consider as the most ideal for the specific business we are servicing. We do our homework religiously. In turn, doing so translates to more results in lesser time.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

What does it really take for your corporate, branded website to rank highly in Google and other major search engines? It is about how it looks? Looks are important when it comes to representing your brand online. The look and feel of the website is also important to keep your customer’s engagement level at a maximum. When websites are not designed well, we notice that key metrics like “time on page” decrease. When this happens, the website’s bounce rate increases and that sends the wrong types of signals to Google.  While the overall site design and usability is important, it’s not just about the looks.

The idea behind ON-PAGE SEO is to make your visitors find your website and stay on your site longer than usual. This will ultimately help to increase your chances of rising up to the ranks in the search engine result pages. In order to make sure you’re doing enough to keep your visitors interested in your site, we’ll be doing the dirty work for you. This includes creating content and optimizing practically everything including tags, titles, formats, links, keywords, videos, structure, images, and others. It is important to note that even the tiniest and littlest components of your website site play an important role in your site’s ranking.

Emphasize Content Quality

One of the most important rules in search engine optimization is keeping everything original. Next to that, you have to add content relevancy, too. These two are highlighted in creating content. Therefore, quality content is all about emphasizing originality and relevance. Content optimization focuses on every single word found on the page. The main elements are called keywords or search phrases. We execute comprehensive keyword research intended to help you determine the best keywords to use in order to optimize your website for better ranking and better customer conversions.

Off-Page SEO

The second type of SEO service we provide is OFF-PAGE. This time, the services are focused on how your website will be referenced online. The concept revolves around the manner in which external links point to your website. Remember this: there is no such thing as a comprehensive SEO plan without this critical component. Companies that offer you ON-PAGE SEO without OFF-PAGE are basically giving you half the services you paid for. Without a doubt, there will be better results if you combine on page and off page strategies in search engine optimization.

Emphasize High Quality Links

link buildingWhen it comes to ensuring positive impact on your search engine rankings, your site showcasing your business must have high quality links. But the unfortunate fact is that these very same high quality links are so hard to obtain these days. However, the good news is this is where we come in. Most SEO companies will be advertising themselves as SEO gurus who can give you results quick. But we’re different. We don’t promise quick or overnight results, but we do ensure giving your site the highest quality of links for sustainability. Part of the services under the off page SEO category are distributing anchor text naturally and timing out link building in the most natural way possible.

Time for Your Business Website to be Found

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve been wondering all this time why you’re not really making profit online, then the most obvious reason is that you have a website that people don’t really know about. It’s time for this sad fact to change. It’s time for you to get a preview of our Pennsylvania SEO services.