Search engine optimization (a.k.a. SEO) is quite complex. It also makes the difference between a website succeeding or failing. With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure that you know what to do and what not to do whenever it comes to organic search engine optimization.

On Page SEO

It is important to create a website with the right keywords. There is plenty of search engine optimization software that can be used here to come up with keywords, see how many queries that keyword has had and how much Adsense competition there is.

Once you’ve chosen the primary keyword and some secondary keywords, it’s time to put them into the right place. This includes placing them in the URL, title tags, H1 tags, Meta tags and website text.

Off Page SEO

Whenever it comes to off page SEO you will want to make sure to get plenty of good links to your website. Google is always introducing a variety of SEO algorithm updates that are meant to combat spam. Due to all of these algorithm changes, be wary of companies that offer search engine optimization guaranteed results because those SEO firms may be selling you something that they cannot guarantee. Any search engine optimization specialist will tell you that it’s important to be careful whenever you’re building site links as you want to make sure that they only come from high quality sites that are relevant to your niche.

In the past there have been a lot of search engine optimization specialists who have advocated quantity over quality whenever it comes to website links. Today, this approach has become outdated. Links that come from questionable websites will actually lower your website’s authority, trust and ranking. Unfortunately, they are extremely difficult to get rid of.

Today, it’s important to use great care whenever you do your linking. Here are a few ways in which you can go about getting quality links back to your website:

  1. Locate relevant blogs that have high PageRank. Take a moment to leave an insightful comment with a link back to your website.
  2. Write original how-to articles to post on article websites. Make sure that your targeted keywords are included therein and that there’s also a link back to your website at the end.
  3. Create relevant videos to post on YouTube. Make sure that your website’s URL is listed at the bottom of the video and that your targeted keyword is included within the video’s title. Since Google owns YouTube they automatically rank your videos higher within their searches.

You can learn more about good search engine optimization techniques by reading our webpage titled, “Effective Search Engine Optimization Tips

Social Media

Social Media - SEO search engine optimizationSEO has been dramatically changed by social media marketing. This is because utilizing websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube really do make Internet marketing much more viable. Depending upon the nature of your website and what products or services you’re offering, you may also want to use Foursquare, Pinterest and LinkedIn too. Another good idea is to also use Google+, which is Google’s social media website. After all, Google has already said that this site will factor into the PageRank that a page is given and where the site will fall within the search engine results. What this means is that any website that has a lot of “+1s” from Google+ will rank higher than a similar page that doesn’t have as many “+1s.”

Today it really is important to make sure that all of the different social media buttons make it on to every single page of your website. They make it really easy for your visitors to like or recommend that page. This is very important since it shows Google that there are a lot of people who like your site and find it relevant. This will then be taken into consideration as Google determines PageRank.

Local SEO

Local Search MarketingIt is important for local companies to pay more attention to local SEO instead of general SEO. With local SEO they will be getting high PageRank whenever it comes to the local search engine results, which includes things like the name of the city or state where your business is located. Herein it’s also important to make sure to sign up for Google Places. This program will take note of your business’ exact location so that customers will find it easier to find you. At the same time, Google Places will also give your website’s PageRank a boost whenever it comes to the local search engine results. Furthermore, you should also sign up to local online directories, which is something that can typically be done for free.

Bad SEO Strategies to Avoid

Keep in mind that not all SEO is going to be good SEO search engine optimization. There are some things that you’ll want to avoid so as not to have your PageRank lowered or get completely removed from Google’s listings. Some of the things that you’ll want to avoid include:

  1. Duplicate Content: Posting the same article on multiple sites.
  2. Copyright Infringement
  3. Overuse of keywords (1 to 2% keyword density is enough; 1 to 2 times per 100 words)
  4. Putting the keyword in the website’s header or footer too many times

Other Types of Internet Marketing

There are other types of Internet marketing besides SEO. In fact, Google Ads, sending out mass emails and engaging in social media campaigns are other great ways in which to get more clients. It’s just that search engine optimization guaranteed to help your website grow the most. In fact, 80% of Google users say that they don’t pay much attention to anything that’s not an organic search engine result (a.k.a. the ads that are listed on the page).


Search engine optimization isn’t something that you can do once and be done with it. The Internet changes so fast that what works today may not work tomorrow. The same is true for search engine optimization software, what worked several years ago may not work today. In the same way, you will also find that keywords that are popular today might not be popular tomorrow. As such, you’ll want to keep yourself well versed whenever it comes to Google updates, SEO trends and other information that will help you to update your website so as to get it a high Google PageRank. The budget of an SEO campaign can also be a subject that is not as straight forward as it might initially appear. Read more about SEO pricing on our website.

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